Day 3 Begins

The kids will be arriving in about an hour for day 3 of VBS. We’re all finishing last minute preparations on our lessons – today we will be teaching the kids about Jesus and the plan of salvation. It’s a big day!

It was supposed to be water day in Recreation, and God must have thought that water was a great idea because it’s been raining since the very early hours of the morning. Plans are flexible though, and we’ve decided to take advantage of the kids’ creativity and hold Rec on the indoor ramp this morning. Human log-rolling, a game they’ve created as they move between classes will now be on the agenda. They’ll be so excited!

Keep the kids in your prayers as we present today’s message. Pastor Bob and I had an amazing discussion with our 12 and 13 year-olds yesterday after one boy asked us who God was, and some of the other kids chimed in to help us answer. We can’t wait to see what discussions will come out of today’s lesson!

FYI, Laurel made a new friend at the Bottomless Lakes yesterday. It was amazing to watch…the butterfly seemed to think she was a flower and fluttered around for at least 10 minutes, landing on her several times.



3 thoughts on “Day 3 Begins

  1. Oh my the special girl touched my heart as I have a granddaughter who is almost 19 who was born a PKU child. In school she always had to eat different than the other children,no protein at all. Thank you for making this child “very special” she will always remember that for awhile she was not different.


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