Special Moments

We’re almost done! The kids are downstairs enjoying a pizza and t-shirt signing party. They’ve been so excited all morning!

It was like herding cats, but we got everyone on the stage for a song in closing today. I can’t post video from my iPod, but I will post it as soon as I get home.

It’s been an emotionally draining week for the team. We haven’t posted as often as we intended, and we apologize for that. God has sent some amazing children into our lives this week- their stories break our hearts and their smiles and laughter have healed our souls. It’s going to take a little time for us to unpack our thoughts, but we’ll be sharing their stories with all of you as soon as we’re able…we promise!

The hardest part comes in about 15 minutes when we have to say goodbye and head for home. Keep us in your prayers for safe travel, but we especially ask you to pray for the children we have come to love this week that they may continue to live in The Light that we have taught them about this week.